How Much Are You Worth?

Our Assumptions

Many of us think we know the answer to that question but, the truth is, we often only discover our true value once it has been seriously diminished.

The Reality

When John Nichols was suddenly paralyzed as a young man, he found out exactly how much his abilities had been worth.

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His journey was long and difficult. Now, John offers the reader the benefits of his experience, demonstrating in detail why coverage matters.

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What The Experts Say.

  • Recently, I went back to work and one of the benefits is disability insurance. Basic coverage is paid for by my employer. The more comprehensive coverage is voluntary and paid by me. Before I read your book, I would have never added the better plan. However, your words convinced me it is worth it! Your life and your choices make you who you are today. Success is defined in many ways but you have it because of your choices. Thanks for the life lessons you teach many. I will be better off because of your wisdom!

    Kate Cassidy
    Kate Cassidy
  • Nobody likes to talk about becoming disabled, but the facts are that it may happen to you or someone you care about. John’s book can provide you with the information you need to know to be prepared in case the worst happens.”

    Marvin H. Feldman, Pres. & CEO
    Marvin H. Feldman, Pres. & CEOLife Happens
  • If you were permanently disabled due to a stroke, or a car accident, how much income could you count on receiving for the next year? For the next 10 years? For the rest of your life? I am responsible for 66 policies representing over $38 million in disability benefits paid out to my clients. Believe me, what John has to share is real and personal—as he is living it! This is about having a plan for your future, your relationships and protecting your ability to earn income

    Richard Lazarski, CLU, CPCU
    Richard Lazarski, CLU, CPCU
  • A compelling personal story and a call to action. A must read for anyone who wants to protect and plan for their bigger future.

    Ellen Rogin, CPA, CFP
    Ellen Rogin, CPA, CFPWealth Advisor, and author of Great With Money and Picture Your Prosperity
  • This is a “must-read” for anyone who wants to achieve and preserve a bright future for themselves and their loved ones. In this book, John outlines the keys to success for the passionate pursuit and fulfillment of our hopes and dreams, even in the midst of life’s obstacles. His personal story is both a tremendous example of perseverance and a guide for the daily steps needed to achieve our longer-term goals.

    Tom Loftus
    Tom Loftus

Who is John F. Nichols, MSM?

Writer, speaker and disability consultant John F. Nichols knows firsthand how a sudden accident or illness can change one’s world. Paralyzed from his neck down to his toes after a near death water-skiing accident in 1993, Nichols struggled for more than half a decade to recover, get back to work and live out his dreams and goals. While he managed to recover to a level less than 1% of people with similar injuries, he saw every day how his own comprehensive disability coverage had a positive impact on him mentally, physically, and spiritually as well as his family, friends, and business relationships. The disability benefits filled the gaps within medical insurance and gave John choice and control.

John subsequently founded the Disability Resource Group Inc. and has dedicated his career to educating people about the critical need (to protect their talents and abilities) and the important role that disability benefits play in their lives. (John) is considered an expert in the field of disability insurance. He writes and speaks on that topic as well as his journey of overcoming adversity entitled “Daily Victories”. These days, John splits his time between Chicago, IL and Lyons, CO where he enjoys hiking, traveling, training for marathons and fundraising for charities close to his heart.
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