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Writer, speaker and disability consultant John F. Nichols knows firsthand how a sudden accident or illness can change one’s world. Paralyzed from his neck down to his toes after a near death water-skiing accident in 1993, Nichols struggled for more than half a decade to recover, get back to work and live out his dreams and goals. While he managed to recover to a level less than 1% of people with similar injuries, he saw every day how his own comprehensive disability coverage had a positive impact on him mentally, physically, and spiritually as well as his family, friends, and business relationships. The disability benefits filled the gaps within medical insurance and gave John choice and control.

John subsequently founded the Disability Resource Group Inc. and has dedicated his career to educating people about the critical need for disability insurance and the important role that disability benefits play in their lives. He is considered an expert in the field of disability insurance. He writes and speaks on that topic as well as his journey of overcoming adversity entitled “Daily Victories”. These days, John splits his time between Chicago, IL and Lyons, CO where he enjoys hiking, traveling, training for marathons and fundraising for charities close to his heart.

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